Month: October 2019

Social Life: Vanessa Guarino

Vanessa Guarino, Director of Social Media for Louis Anthony, is featured in the latest JCK Magazine Social Life article. Click here to discover her social media tips, predictions for what the next big thing will be for social media, and

Bend, Stretch, Twist, Flex

Jewelry that expands and contracts when you do. We go to the mat when it comes to sharing in our excitement about our jewelry collections. Drawing inspiration from Yoga, s-t-r-e-t-c-h is one of the biggest trends in fine jewelry today.

A Man and His Rolex

Every watch has a story, but it’s the legendary men who wore these Rolexes that make them all the more exceptional. Article By Matt Hranak For many men, watches seem to have a deeper meaning than just keeping time. Watches

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